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Escaping the ordinary...

Russell home interiors and gifts is a little shop nestled in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales not to be missed, we are like no other and know we will capture your imagination once you step inside..

Packed full of affordable gifts and treats for your home. The shop is made up of our own in house designs and styles.

Home to the Quirky Cows art work and kitchen products by our very own artist Sharron Russell and of course books by Hannah Russell about the very famous Little Alf the miniature Shetland pony....

Handmade Jewellery, Epoxy resin tables made to order and customised to your taste. In house designed products, clothing inspired by the british wildlife and conservation to help causes around the world. 

Bespoke kitchen splash backs and kitchen tiles for your home.

The Story of Russell Home interiors & Gifts

Established in May 2019 by young entrepreneur Hannah Russell, Russell home interiors is a shop like no other, home to our very own quirky Cows, art and kitchen products by artist Sharron Russell, and Little Alf the famous miniature Shetland pony who has a string of books published about him by Hannah Russell.

It all started in 2012 when Little Alf the miniature Shetland pony came to live with Hannah, he stands at just 28 inches high due to him having dwarfism, being quite so little he was rejected by his herd and the future looked bleak. A few fields over a girl was coming to terms with the fact that she would never be able to ride again. Unknowingly they were about the change each others lives. The Pony was Little Alf, from charity work and building a business together they became constant companies, although there has been a few casualties along the way.. Mainly garden ornaments and the neighbours vegetables! 

Once Little Alf came to Live with Hannah she began a blog about him and writing a series of children’s stories, at 17 years old her first book was published. At the time Hannah didn’t have a career as a full time author and was working 4 days a week in an ‘Interiors & Gift shop’ in Leyburn, which a few years later has now become Hannah’s shop and known as ‘Russell home interiors and gifts’

­In between Russell home interiors and gifts becoming a shop, Hannah left her previous job and pursued her career as an author and writing about Little Alf, in 2017 her autobiography was published on Little Alf and was a best seller on amazon. Through her books she has won awards across the world and now has a series of books published and brand behind ‘Little Alf’ which can be found at Russell home interiors and Gifts


Quirky Cows by Sharron Russell

In the mean time Sharron Russell, began painting one day…

Sharron’s journey as an artist began in 2017, Sharron has always had an artist flare but never took it up as a business or full time job. Sharron Started painting one day as she found it Therapeutic, she had suffered with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) for a long time – a medical condition characterised by long-term fatigue and other persistent symptoms that limit a person’s ability to carry out ordinary daily activities.

She found a comfort in painting and one day her husband told her to paint a ‘Cow’ being born and living in the Yorkshire Dales, Sharron gave it a go and the first Quirky Cow appeared. Unbeknown to Sharron, her daughter Hannah started taking images of the Quirky cows and posting them on social media, shortly after people wanted to purchase the cows and Hannah had to break the news to her Mum.

After a little bit of convincing the brand ‘Quirky Cows and friends’ was born and has become increasingly popular over the past few years, the business is very much family run and the full collection of products can be found at Russell home interiors & Gifts in Leyburn Market town.

Sharron is often found in her log cabin in the Yorkshire Dales painting behind the scenes, while her daughter Hannah is at the front of the business with marketing, sales and wholesale orders. Sharron’s Collection of work has now expanded to other animals such as Donkeys, horses, pigs, sheep and many other characters.

Her work can be found on many kitchen products for your home, including kitchen splash backs, kitchen tiles and radiator covers.

Russell home interiors and gifts has a wide range of products available, we offer a wide variety of products and gifts for your home.

Hannah Russell is a qualified interiors designer and also runs 5 other business alongside Russell Home interiors and gifts, she has been awarded for her business skills on multiple occasions.