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Supporting small business

01/06/2020 News Design Tips Business Support
Supporting small business

Now more than ever we need to be supporting our small business, many small business have had to move to online for 2020 while the Covid-19 continues, the main secret to saving them is by supporting them.

Although events are cancelled, and shops are closed, including our shop in Leyburn market town we are still open online and you can help.

If you have a gift you wish to send to someone to show them you are thinking of them browse our gift range online, birthday on the horizon or looking to refresh your home we have a full collection of products to choose from.

Here at Russell home interiors and gifts we support many new and small business, we look for fresh, quirky gifts for the home.

There is many ways to support small business if you’re not looking to buy from them right now, you can still show your support:

Sharing is caring? Have you ever heard of the phrase, it’s so true, if you love the brand share their posts with friends and family, share their posts online and help spread the word.

Reviews! Have you purchased from them before? Leave them a review, most business owners do a little happy dance when they get a lovely review it can be a real mood booster for yourself and the owner.

Moral support! Love their products comment on their posts online and tell them that you love their posts!

There is lots of ways to show someone you care, support a business and keep the high streets alive!



Hannah Russell 
Founder Russell Home interiors & Gifts

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