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Shop Local with me #Supportlocalwithme

Grab the badge, spread the word, shop local, at times like these we are focusing what we can do to help small business grow, to help business go digital and to keep the small independent business alive and growing across the UK, Scotland and wales.

The shop local campaign is here to raise awareness for all the independent business out there, founded in 2020 by young entrepreneur Hannah Russell to encourage people to shop local, stay local, support the independent business online and keep the local economy going.

The Quirky Business across the country not only bring culture to the areas we live but also interesting stories and places to enjoy!


How it works… 

Here at Russell Home interiors and gifts we wanted to create a campaign to help spread awareness for business across the UK, wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands, the makers behind the products make stories which creates lasting memories in homes.

Step 1 – Download the badge relevant for your business

Step 2 – Share it on your website & Social media pages

Step 3 – Keep spreading the word about your brand, the maker behind the brand and the products you produce, this creates a community and network of makers.

You can also purchase one of our pins and wear it with pride! 

It’s the little things that matter the most and with our campaign we are sure to create a stir…


Shop local with me

Shop local with me

Shop local with the independent business, the shops, galleries, makers, designers, artists and the rest. To all the owners out there who own small business, we want you to grab the badge, get the media kits online and make a noise about who you are and what the drive is behind your business. People love stories, so talk about it, share your makes, download our badges and share them on social media. The importance of small business to local communities is emotionally rooted in buying and selling with friends and neighbours, the importance of small firms in rural areas and big cities also is seen in the economic benefits of shopping locally.

Stay local with me

Stay local with me

Stay local! This one is for the travel and tourism industry, it’s not about encouraging people to stay in your area who live there as we know this wouldn’t be the case, it’s about making people aware of your cottage, hotel, B&B and holiday complex, it’s about brining tourists to your area, to support the area, to stay with you and to also support the business around the place they are staying. Tourism offers a wide range of benefits, including economic benefits for countries attracting a large number of visitors, due to the money they spend not only on their actual stay, but also in local business. It provides a large number of jobs for people working in the transport and hospitality industry, among others. 

Support online with me

Support online with me

 Support online with me

Shop online with independent business. Support the makers, the crafters and small business online. This one is for all of you online, download the badge and talk about your products, tell us what you do and the story behind your brand and don’t forget to tag us on social media


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